Online Marketing Advice for Irish Small Business Owners

What is your business doing to generate more business online ?

You may find that your website could be producing more enquires or leads,  there are a number of ways for you to review where your website might need improving.

Get Google analytics installed on your website,  this is a free service, but trust us when we say this is a very powerful tool that can help your business work out where your traffic is coming from and what you can do to increase the traffic or the time spent on your website.

Another free tool to use would be Google Webmaster tools,  this is great tool that highlighting issues within the website and also shows you where issues and website errors are happening.

Google Keyword planner is another free tool that you really should use, type in keywords and see what volume of searches there are for those phrases, then check marketingwhere your website ranks for the phrases that you wish to be found for.

By using these tools you will get a better understanding of your website and the potential business that you could be receiving by optimising being in a better position on Google.